Understanding Elio’s Character from Call Me By Your Name

Andre Aciman in his 2007 novel, Call Me By Your Name, gives his readers many shades of the protagonist Elio. This article goes on to decipher all those shades.

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Raavan- Enemy of Aryavarta Book Review: Further Justifying the Stereotypes

Raavan- Enemy of Aryavarta provides a simplistic narration of a complex tale but there are moments when it feels like Amish Tripathi is just reiterating the stereotypes and not trusting his readers.

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FMF, I Have Some Questions…

Praharsh (aka FMF), While watching your videos on your YouTube channel, FMF, I find myself somewhat disconnected from your thought and the way you feel about India. But, unfortunately, I'm not as good as you in animations and video making so the only tool I had to talk to you was through my blog. I… Continue reading FMF, I Have Some Questions…