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Meeting an Old Friend…

Life has mysterious ways of helping a writer. I'm not talking in terms of money, no, no, no... I'm talking about giving a writer his content! Sometimes it comes in the form of a dream, on other occasions it so happens that in middle of the maths class you get so frustrated that to distract… Continue reading Meeting an Old Friend…

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“To Act, or Not to Act, That is the Question”

Every now and then, you encounter certain people or are dropped into certain situations that you realize the world is not as one tone as you mistake it to be. It is much more vast and, more importantly, much more real! So I'm a very frequent traveller of the Delhi Metro which has a daily… Continue reading “To Act, or Not to Act, That is the Question”


Your Mind is a Fool!

It was a cool, breezy day of February 2018, when everyone was busy enjoying the weather, I was sitting on my study table trying to figure out why tanΘ was equal to sinΘ / cosΘ. The pain of class 10th Maths and the pressure of performing well in the Board exams was short-lived as something… Continue reading Your Mind is a Fool!

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Reasons behind “13 Reasons Why”

When Netflix came out with its adaptation of the 2007 bestseller by Jay Asher, 13 Reasons Why in March 2017 it became an instant hit gaining popularity amongst young adults, teenagers and high schoolers. But the buzz was short lived as it was followed by the criticism from people stating that the show glamorized suicide… Continue reading Reasons behind “13 Reasons Why”