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Meeting an Old Friend…

Life has mysterious ways of helping a writer. I'm not talking in terms of money, no, no, no... I'm talking about giving a writer his content! Sometimes it comes in the form of a dream, on other occasions it so happens that in middle of the maths class you get so frustrated that to distract… Continue reading Meeting an Old Friend…

My Experience

Two Years at the New Delhi Gavel Club

There are a few journeys which although have a starting point but don't really have an endpoint. They take you where you want to go but they prevent you from reaching your destination. The journey I'm talking about here is a journey that I started roughly two years ago at the New Delhi Gavel Club… Continue reading Two Years at the New Delhi Gavel Club

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My Experience: Hosting Lithuanians

My school, Ryan International School, each year organises a cultural exchange program wherein students from various parts of this world come to India and stay for a few days with Indian students. This time we had students from Lithuania joining us here to know about the Indian culture, people, heritage and some other stuff and… Continue reading My Experience: Hosting Lithuanians

My Experience

My Experience: Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2017

This was the fourth time I was participating in the Airtel Delhi Half Marathon (ADHM) and I must say that my experience has always bettered over the years. Maybe it is because I don't remember very well what happened the previous year but every year is amazing. Let me get into the details and take you… Continue reading My Experience: Airtel Delhi Half Marathon 2017