In Loving Memory of Chester Bennington

It was uncanny when just a couple days back while listening to songs on shuffle Heavy from Linkin Park’s album One More Light popped up. In an instant, all memories from that album and Chester Bennington came right back. It struck me so hard that I had to write this. Linkin Park has been playing on loop ever since and I’m trying to figure out how to put my thoughts in words.

I quite vividly remember the night of 20th July 2017. I was about to go to bed when social media went crazy about the news of Chester’s suicide. I was in bed, scrolling through my Facebook timeline and every single person was writing about him. Everyone was chanting words in his glory. I was not even in a situation to react to any of it because for the longest time I didn’t consider it to be true. How could it be? He was right there, I was listening to his songs almost daily! It felt unreal…

It felt unreal also because just a few months back these same people were criticising Linkin Park for its sudden change in style and some even labelling them as a sellout.

It was only after verifying the news from various sources that I concluded that it was true. It still took me one whole day to accept all of it completely. Coming to terms with reality for the first time seemed like a challenge.

I recall tweeting and posting about Chester on all the social media platforms like a fool. It was sick.

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Linkin Park holds a great significance for me, even to this very moment. It is what got me into rock music. In The End was the first song I heard by them and it changed my world. The reason for all my musical choices right now is their music.

Although I also remember the time when I wasn’t into English music at all and my brother used to watch their live performance of New Divide in Moscow, at that time I thought Linkin Park was Chester’s name. It took me some time to figure out that it was a band. Could I have been dumber?!

I had decided to write an article about Chester when the news broke out, I had even started writing it but I just couldn’t. It was too much for me. That post, to this day, is increasing the prestige of my drafts folder, this article will perhaps compensate for it.

But, a thought might pass through your mind, why I’m writing about him? It’s not his death anniversary, its not his birthday or anything. So why? For some time I was in the same dilemma, why should I write about him now, why not wait until July but, I realized that we only remember a person or an incident only when its importance is at its maximum. Why don’t we celebrate their lives in our day to day routine? Its the same way as some say on Women’s Day. Why respect or talk about women only once a year, why not each day? I believe the same should be with people like Chester.

We must respect them, celebrate them and show our love to them whenever we can because I still believe there are a whole lot of people who miss him and are commenting on Chester’s last post on Instagram every other day.

Honestly, I still wait for a new Linkin Park album, with Chester’s voice in it. I know that it will never happen but then, I look back at his other creations and pay a tribute to the immortal work of a mortal man.

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