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Everyone wants power. The politicians want power, the business people want power, the media houses want power. But what power really is is what you realise only after you enter a gym. That’s the time you realize that power lies not in money or a seat in the Parliament but in your biceps.

It was only after I went to a gym that I realized there was way more to physical fitness than what I had learned from an old dude with long hair and beard, barely wearing any clothes, who came on my television daily at 6 am to teach yoga. Still waiting for the day when he could post a picture on Instagram with a #GoodHairDay.

But he doesn’t really care about a ‘Good Hair Day’ after all, the way his company is making profits with it’s swadeshi and ‘herbal’ products, he is the only one who can repay the loans of our videshi friend, the Indian Merchant of Venice, currently having a blast in London. But it would probably be a little hard for Mr Kingfisher, as he doesn’t like to talk to anyone… Not even in the Parliament to any MP.

While the Indian media was tracing the steps of Mr Kingfisher, I realized it was just as powerful as a gym. Media, often regarded to be the fourth organ of the government, is a very powerful weapon because you don’t need to control the EVMs once the media is under your control.

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Indian media’s relationship with the other three organs is also very simple to understand. The media and the legislature are in a live-in relationship where, ‘yes’ means ‘yes’ and ‘no’ as usual means ‘yes’; on the other hand, just like feminism, the executive is also a newly discovered phenomenon by the Indian media; lets just leave the judiciary out of it because the last time I checked on Facebook, their relationship status said, “Its Complicated!”

Lincoln gave a simple definition of democracy: of the people, for the people, by the people. It stands true for journalism as well: of the people, for the people, by the government. (It might look a little different but is just the same, trust me!)

The decreasing integrity of journalism was quite evident to me, so were the increasing prices of the Taimur doll. I was witnessing the death of journalism right before me. When there was no hope, there came our hero, our saviour, he, who made India a true Republic. He made me realize that it wasn’t just me but ‘The whole nation wanted to know’. He himself hadn’t had a #GoodHairDay in quite some time but, his life was full of achievements, his next target, to shout his way through Bigg Boss Season 13.

But honestly, I applaud the power of all these people, they are at least using their power for what they think is right. But we as citizens of this country are only forwarding ‘socially relevant’ WhatsApp messages (that too has been restricted to five) or posting stories on Instagram about pollution and rapes on Instagram. The concept of potential and kinetic energy that I was taught in 8th grade, now makes sense to me.

Lets not just type on the screens of our phones, let’s go out on the streets and tell the world what we think is right. Its time we convert the potential energy into kinetic energy.

The above article is an edited version of the elocution piece first delivered by the author in December 2018.

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