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Draupadi’s Letter To Vyasa

This is a letter from the series ‘Letters To…’ where I write letters to a character from a book from the point of view of some other character. This letter draws its roots from the book, The Palace Of Illusions by Chitra Banerjee Divakaruni.
This is a work of fiction and the author makes no claims for it to be true.

Respected Sage,

You are the one who brought me to life, gave me a shape, gave me a mind and gave me a heart, and I cannot be more grateful to you for doing that. No amount of thanks can equal what you’ve done for me.

You played a lot of cameos in my life, coming in all of a sudden and disappearing just like that, but all those times, you gave me certain advice which happened to be very vital for my future. I quite vividly remember my first interaction with you, that happened when I was very young, you warned me about what was to come in my life and gave me some tips to make sure everything went well… but unfortunately, I wasn’t able to use those signs when the right moment arrived and I take full authority of the wrongs that I did during each instance. But sometimes I wonder, if it was all written, should it be my fault alone?

You know that ever since I was a kid I wondered if the prophecy that Dhai Ma told me of, that happened during my birth, was even true or not… But later I did realise it was all true. The only thing I couldn’t figure out was how I was going to prove it and change the course of history, if only I had known it was all written.

But I have just one question to ask you… why does the whole world till date blame me for being the sole reason for the Kurukshetra War?

For the longest time, even I believed that I was the one to be blamed, but it wasn’t until you came to me before the War and told me that, ‘The seeds of the war had been sown long before you were even born.’ That was the first time I tried to let myself loose. But the world continues to blame me.

If you could admit to this fact to me then why not to the whole world?

You are the one who has written all our lives, only you had the power to address this, so why didn’t you?

Yours truly,

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