My Experience

Two Years at the New Delhi Gavel Club

There are a few journeys which although have a starting point but don’t really have an endpoint. They take you where you want to go but they prevent you from reaching your destination.

The journey I’m talking about here is a journey that I started roughly two years ago at the New Delhi Gavel Club (NDGC). In this blog, I am going to shamelessly praise NDGC, because it truly deserves to be praised, and sharing my two-year-long experience as a member.

But before going any further let me tell you what this club is all about if you are unaware of it. So the NDGC is a part of Toastmasters International that operates clubs worldwide for the purpose of helping members improve their communication, public speaking, and leadership skills. Gavel Club has the same purpose, the only difference is that it is for children between the age of 10 and 18. [For more details on the same, visit the link given at the end].

When I first entered the club, I was pleasantly surprised to find so many people around me who were just talking and were really good at it. I had a room full of people to look up to. I even remember giving a Table Topics speech and being quite scared and almost trembling but in front of me were sitting thirty odd people who were clapping their hands by the time I finished, there were no reservations but just love spilling all over me. I immediately knew I had to be a part of this club and became a member!

The best part of the Gavel Club or Toastmasters is that there is no teacher! Many people cannot digest the fact that we can learn anything without a teacher but that is true and it happens here. You learn to become better speakers and leaders by learning from your peers. Isn’t it fascinating?

Just a little while back I was looking at my first speech and wondering what a long way I’ve covered already. There is a kind of maturity that I can sense in my writing now and perhaps that’s the reason why I started writing blogs. So not only do you become better communicators but you also become better writers along the way.

Meeting new people has always been a big high about the Club because with new people come new experience and new stories and there is no way anyone would want to not have that. Moreover, the atmosphere around you is so positive that the sense of not belonging never comes to play. Along with that, you get a really constructive feedback from other members.

The episode that I’m going to share with you is perhaps my best experience in the last two years as a member of the NDGC, and it is about me going on a little solo trip to Madurai in Tamil Nadu to participate in the Inter-Gavel Conclave, better known as Gavel-u-tion. It was certainly delightful to go to Madurai, which is more than 2,500 kms apart from Delhi, all by myself and what an experience it was. Before this, I couldn’t have even imagined going to another city alone but this Club and this experience gave me that confidence to do this.

At the conference in Madurai, I got an opportunity to hear the World Champion of Public Speaking, Dananjaya Hettiarachchi, talk about his journey. And not to forget, more than 400 Gavelliers were attending this conference from three countries.

But this could be no more than a dream to me that the guy who was once scared of going on stage would now be the President of the club. But it is true. Ever since I’ve been a part of the club I’ve tried to take up the leadership role and this one is a result of that!

So throughout my journey, I’ve found people to look up to and that has kept me going, that has kept me alive. I’m still on the road to becoming a better public speaker but every minute I’m also learning something new, so I’m certainly not going to reach my destination any soon and that’s what I really want!

Although this blog is going to end here, I don’t think what I’ve written is enough to describe it all, perhaps not, but it’s just a little effort to express my love for the New Delhi Gavel Club.


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