Noise Is Essential?

Recently there was a controversy when a very renowned Bollywood singer, Sonu Nigam, blamed that the sound of the morning azaan tends to ruin his sleep and some people even came up in his support. And at that time people were even debating that loudspeakers should be banned at such religious places. But Kalki Koechlin has some different views. She believes that such sounds are essential for our society.

Kalki recently collaborated with a digital channel, Blush, and released a procroactive piece that she had written titled “Noise” on 20th June, 2017, which happens to be the World Music Day.

In her poetic piece she talked about the various sounds that she has to encounter everyday, like that of the nearby mandir, the azaan, bustling of fisherwomen, traffic… for her mornings were full of noise.

She talked about a new kind of sound that has emerged, that we hear everyday, every time, and that is of the social media. “Pick up my phone and scroll through my trolls. You have such big teeth, get lost ugly… how many blow jobs did it take to get your lips… I will rape you bitch,” she reads out Twitter notifications in the poem.

Everyone in this noisy world wants to speak but no one is ready to listen to the other. And this would obviously lead to chaos in the society. Everyone has an opinion but when asked to listen to someone else’s opinion everyone gets enraged.

When in an interview she was asked if she is bothered by the Twitter trolls, she said, “I love the freedom that social media gives us, but it comes with a lot of negative stuff — there’s fake news and trolling.” Kalki feels that people must use their freedom responsibly on social media.

So this something exactly as I told you in my last blog, ‘India Is A Rebellious Country?‘ when I was discussing about masculine and feminine way of life. I said that we need a hybrid of both ways of life, we must have freedom to do whatever we want to, but at the same time there should be some laws which doesn’t let a person to overuse it. When we are on social media we have a right to post whatever we want to but we must ensure that doesn’t put a person in trouble or hurts their emotions.

When asked to respond on the controversy with regards to banning loudspeakers, she replied, “I don’t believe in censorship. If azaan is to be banned, we need to ban club music too and TV shows where guests and anchors scream at each other.” Kalki Koechlin said that it’s our “self restraint” that can give us peace in a noisy world. “We need to stop screaming,” she concludes.

True, isn’t it? If you want the morning azaan to be banned then you must also ban club music too and even the noise that we make ourselves. Because if not more, our noise is equally loud and unnecessary. I would love to know what you feel about the same in the comments section.

But the main question is how to get rid of this noise? We can’t just ask every second person we meet to “SHUT UP!” So what to do? The only solution that I find for this scenario is to take out time for ourselves, rather than talking to someone else take out time to talk to ourselves because I believe that we have the key to all the problems within us and there is no need to search anything outside. Let me know what solution you have for this noise.

In the end I’ll leave you with some lines from the poem, Noise, by Kalki Koechlin,

“…In the warmth of our beds
In the middle of this darkness
Someplace far away
From all the noise
We are deafened by the silence
Of our own voice”


Source:- Huff Post


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