India Is A Rebellious Country?

I am an Indian and I wanted people to know about this topic since a long time now, so in this blog I’m going to try and make you understand my thoughts about India and if it is a rebellious country, with rebellious people, who always want to fight?

Rather than jumping straight on the topic, first let me tell you about the two different ways of life. And these are, masculine way of life and feminine way of life. And mind it there is no relation of men and women in the names of the ways of life. This is nothing new in the Indian culture, it’s been followed since a very long time now. And by very long I mean that it’s now being followed for centuries. Even before the time when one of India’s greatest epic, the Ramayana, was written.

Masculine way of life basically talks about laws. And it says that there should be laws which are same for the rich and the poor, men and women, and if these laws are followed only then a society can progress and become better.

On the others hand, feminine way of life says that there should be no laws, rather all the citizens must be given freedom to do whatever they want to do. And according to this school of thought this way a society will progress and become better.

Now the question is that what is better? I’ll say that neither of the two is better. Both have there own high points and low points, for example, in the masculine way of life, first of all the rich will be agitated because they were never used to the rules and they would never want to follow the rules because they feel that they are superior from the others. And if there are a lot of side effects of following very strict laws as there is no room for freedom and ultimately all the citizens will be upset in the long run. But the high side being, there will be low crime rate, lower class and middle class will be happy.

Following the feminine way of life might lead to chaos in the society, the rich will become richer and the poor will become poorer. In the end law of the jungle, only the strong survives, will be applied to our countries. There surely is a positive side to it as well, people can do whatever they want to, they can take up any field they have expertise in, there will be a complete abolition of caste system.

So as you see both ways of life good and bad points, so I suggest that we have a hybrid of masculine and feminine way of life. We just need to ensure proper balance between the two. We must have strict laws but along with that we must have some room for freedom.

Now coming on to the present situation. In the year 2008, Beijing, China, hosted the Summer Olympic Games and in 2010, Delhi, India, hosted the Commonwealth Games(CWG), let’s compare India with China by these games.

There were certain instructions which the Chinese Government had come up with for the citizens of Beijing because they wanted the foreigners who visited their country to have a good impression about their country. And being China, it came as a guideline. And these guidelines were, simply regarding how a person has to behave when they meet someone. The most interesting one was the length of a handshake. Yes! You read it correctly. According to them the length should be three seconds, not more not less, less than that is considered unfriendly and more than that is creepy.

Another interesting guideline was that you couldn’t wear a pair of white socks with a pair of black shoes! So these were a few of the guidelines which the Chinese Government came up with. And what do you think the people of Beijing did? They followed it. Obviously, if your boss tells you to do something you’ll have to do it or you’ll be fired.

Now imagine if something like this happened in India. If a person is told to not wear a pair of white socks with a pair of black shoes he’d probably say, “F**k you! Now I’m going to wear a pair of  white socks with a pair of black shoes for the whole year now!”

The point is that Indians are not the kind of people who like to follow rules, India surely is a rebellious country where people will do whatever comes to their mind and won’t care of what people say. But I don’t say that it is bad because Indians love freedom. The whole idea of comparing India with China was not to say that any of these country is good or bad, rather, to show how people in both the think and react to rules.

What do you people think about it? Let me know in the comments and thanks for all the support!

3 thoughts on “India Is A Rebellious Country?”

  1. Nice attempt Lagan! May be we need to look more into political and cultural history of both the countries to understand it better.


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