Consider This Before Labelling An Artist As A Sellout

Nowadays, this term “Sellouts” has become very common and is being used for a lot of artists or has been used for artists, but in this blog, you’ll know if it’s right to say so. We’ll also be talking about some bands which changed their music style and were being judged for that.

First of, let’s go through a list of artists who at some point in the career were labelled as sellouts: Bring Me The Horizon, Radiohead, Beyonce, Muse, Beyonce, Kanye West, Metallica, The Weeknd, and finally Linkin Park. These are a few of the artists who were given this title sometime in their career.

Now here the most important thing that we must understand, it is that all the artists make music for self- expression, they make music because they want to get their feelings out of their hearts and the best why to do this is by music. So I don’t really understand why we are stopping them from expressing themselves the way they want to. Everyone wants to express themselves, everyone has a right to do so, what if someone judge you for expressing yourself in a certain way, you’ll surely feel bad, at least I would, so why to question them?

Another thing that we all must understand and accept is that an artist doesn’t owe you anything. Anything. It is true that we are the reason why they rose to fame, it’s because of our love that they came to this level, but thinking that “I bought all their albums. I’ve got all their merch. I go to see them every time they play in my city. Now you owe me a lot.” This doesn’t make sense to me atleast.

People have also changed the definition of the word ‘fan‘. We think that all the music that is made by my favorite artist must be loved by me even if it’s not what my taste of music is, or else I will not be known as real fans. That’s actually not the right way of putting it. It’s okay to not like all kinds of music. I might a person who loves only rock music and if my favorite rock band starts making pop music it is obvious that I won’t like it so there’s no need to pretend as well.

We believe that an artist has changed their music style to earn more money, to get more radio plays, to increase their fan base. But I don’t think they really gain anything, rather it’s all their loss because changing their music will surely affect their original fans and they might even lose them. So considering that they already know their older fan base will be affected but they still do what they want to simply suggests that really want to do what they love to. As it is said, “Love the life you live, live the life you love” They are simply following this approach, is there any problem?

Moreover, think of a situation when you get to eat the same thing everyday, at some fine day, maybe after a week, maybe after a month, or maybe after an year, you’ll get sick of it and say I don’t want to eat this, I want something else. But when artists get sick of doing the same thing which they are doing for decades or want to change their style, we are ready with the guns in our hands to kill them. This is out of reach for my little human brain.

Bring Me The Horizon, a band from United Kingdom, was known for their metalcore music from their first three albums, Count Your Blessings, Suicide Season and There is a hell, believe me I’ve seen it. There is a heaven, let’s keep it a secret. But their very next album, Sempiternal, was not at all like that, their style of music had changed a lot. They had to face lot of criticism from their fans but they kept what they liked doing and now are pretty successful.

Recently, Linkin Park, who is known for their rock music and screaming vocals released an album called One More Light, and it was a pop album with a lot of electronic music very little of guitars and drums, it featured a lot of pop singers and this made fans go crazy!

These are a couple comments from their lead single, Heavy, and I quote, “Chester (Bennington) has Bieber fever” and “You are supposed to fight pop, not join it” Like seriously? What are we here for? To fight with people who make other genres of music? This is insane! We are literally preparing for a fight here.

We need to understand. It is high time, people. We need to change. Change our mind. Change our thinking. And accept new music.

It’s simply that these artists are just doing what the love so how can we or who are we to question what they want to do?

Hope you liked this blog. Continue to support and share if possible. Let me know what else you want to see on my blogs. And do let me know what you think about this topic.

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