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This Is Not Your Story | Savi Sharma | Book Review

“Savi Sharma tells a transforming tale of courage, hope and self- discovery,” that’s what the back cover of This Is Not Your Story says. But does this book really achieve what it says?

Welcome to my very first review at the Eastern Lights Blog! If you are reading this blog then perhaps you are in a situation where you don’t really know if you should read this book or not, but I think you should be happy now because I am here at your rescue now. So in this review I’m going to talk about the story, narration, characters, the book’s impact on the readers and finally answering the most important question, “Should I read this book?” and the reasons as to why you should or why not.

This Is Not Your Story is Savi Sharma’s second novel after the record-breaking debut novel, Everyone Has A Story. Talking about the story of the book, it revolves around three main characters, Shaurya, Miraya and Anubhav.

Shaurya is a CA student, from Jaipur, but has some other plans in mind, he wants to go to Mumbai, learn filmmaking and later become a filmmaker. But that’s not something that his parents want him to do. They want him to become a CA and have a safe future.

Miraya is an interior designer, she has come to Jaipur to meet her cousin, Kasturi, and help her with the designing of her house. Due to certain incidents in the past her belief on love is uprooted.

Anubhav is an aspiring entrepreneur and goes to Bengaluru to pursue his higher education and after that launch a startup. He soon becomes successful but something happens in his life that changes him completely. It stuck him so bad that he is now on a cliff ready to commit suicide.

What happens to Shaurya? Did he go to Mumbai? Did he become a filmmaker? If yes then was he successful? What happens to Miraya? What is her story? Why doesn’t she believe in love? Was she able to find someone who made her believe in love? What happens to Anubhav? Did he jump of that cliff? If yes, then what was the reason behind it? If no, then what happens after that? Did he become successful again? And most importantly what does the title of the book “This Is Not Your Story” means? You’ll get answers to all these questions once you read the book. I am not telling the answers to all these questions or the whole story because I want you find the answers yourself!

It’s now time to talk about the narration. I’ll be honest, I haven’t read Everyone Has A Story so I don’t really know had Savi Sharma written her first novel. She writes so intelligently that she is able to give the perspective of all the three main characters. Instead of using the ‘First Person Narrative’ she has used a narrative which is known as ‘Omniscient Author Narrative’. But this has to be noted that this does not, at even a single moment, leaves the reader confused, rather it makes the plot furthermore interesting.

Characters. Characters play a major role in making a book good or bad. In this book the characters are fairly well presented. It is a universal truth that if the reader can relate to the character, the reader would automatically more interested in the book and Savi Sharma has been able to achieve it, partially though. I was personally able to connect to Shaurya’s character because I am myself doing something which usually people tend not to do and they have to face a lot of challenges to achieve what they want, so Shaurya trying to become a filmmaker and trying to gain courage to face his parents really appealed to me. Miraya’s character was also very diligently crafted.

The main problem seemed to be with Anubhav. Firstly, he had almost nothing to do in the first half of the book since he was in Bengaluru and the other three characters (Shaurya, Miraya, and Kasturi) were in Jaipur, so earlier there seemed to be no relation between these two parties. The other thing being, it is a little hard to digest that one incident in his life, though it was a big one but still, took him from top to the very bottom, from hero to zero. These were the major flaws in his character which will surely affect my rating for this book.

There is another character in the book, Kasturi, although the book doesn’t provide us her point of view still she plays a pivotal role in the whole story. She is also a CA student with Shaurya and his neighbour. She may not be having a lead part in the book but surely leaves a mark. The jolly nature that she would surely be noticed by the readers.

But does it make any impact on the readers? I’ll say that there’s a lot to learn from this book, especially when it comes to following your dreams. It will help you to rediscover yourself.

Now I would like to tell you the scenes that I didn’t like and the scenes that I loved the most and enjoyed reading the most.

I didn’t really like the scene when Anubhav takes Miraya to The Treehouse Resort, I think it could have been written in a different way to make it more effective and enjoyable because it is a very important scene as well.

Coming on to the best scene, it surely has to be when Shaurya goes to Jaipur Railway Station and meets a man who’s going to Mumbai and they have a little conversation over there. The conversation that they have over there is very deep one. Second scene that I loved the most would be the time when Shaurya reads Miraya’s diary. So do look out for these two scenes if you read the book.

It’s now time to rate the book. I’m going with 4 out of 5 for this book because of it’s narrative style, it’s message and storyline. I’ll have to say that you should surely read this one, it will help you for sure and will inspire you. And the title has a very good meaning to it which you’ll also love when you find out.

This was all for the review of This Is Not Your Story. Let me know what you think about the book and about this review, what should add or what should I subtract to make it more interesting and effective. And finally, thanks for reading this all through!

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